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Temp Cigarettes Online

Onlne Temp cigarettes for sale per carton. Ordering Temp cigarettes online takes just several minutes with easy-to-use online shopping system powered by Buy Temp cigarettes online from wholesale cigarettes supplier. Just order Temp Cigarettes in desired amount and convince yourself of high quality of Temp cigarette brand and its original tobacco taste.


Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and may complicate pregnancy. Smoking by pregnant women may result in premature birth, fetal injury, and low birth weight. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide. Quitting smoking now will greatly reduce serious risks to your health.

  • Temp Sale

    Buy Temp Cigarettes
    Offer price: 3 x $12.10 = $36.30
    10 Hard Flip Top Packs
    200 Brown Filter Cigarettes
    88 mm King Size Box
    Tar Volume: 15 mg
    Nicotine Volume: 1.5 mg

    $12.10 per carton

    Sold Out

  • Temp Export Sale

    Buy Temp Export Cigarettes
    Offer price: 3 x $20.00 = $60.00
    10 Hard Flip Top Packs
    200 White Filter Cigarettes
    88 mm King Size Box
    Tar Volume: 15 mg
    Nicotine Volume: 1.5 mg

    $20.00 per carton

    Sold Out

This is to announce our Special Discount Offer that we are making on Temp cigarette brand.

If you decide to go big and purchase for 6 cartons or more, you'll get the chance to save $1 per each carton.

We hope you will take advantage of this special offer and give us the opportunity to serve you as soon as possible. looks forward to hearing from you!

Temp Cigarettes are manufactured by "TUTUN-CTC" since 1983 and are one of the most popular brands in Eastern Europe. The basis of production founded by American technology tobacco preparation and further processing of aromatic ingredients from leading manufacturers from Germany, Austria and Holland.

Experience and professional skills of specialists of the enterprise, combined with cutting-edge advances in production technology, as well as the use of a wide range of tobaccos imported and domestic origin of the American and Oriental styles, helped to create a cigarette with a fine and pleasant aroma and taste of medium strength.

Temp Export Cigarettes are positioned in the center of the commercial range of products manufactured under the famous brand Temp and are one of the most successful versions of this product, which was conducted with the participation of experts of the company P. Lehmann Consulting (Switzerland).

Temp smokes are a type of American Blend and content of harmful substances in tobacco smoke as close to European norms.

In TEMP Export cigarettes tar nicotine and CO does not exceed, respectively, 10.0, 0.8 and 12.0 mg per cigarette.

Updated and expanded to 25 brands of tobacco blends and ingredients used in the manufacture of cigarettes TEMP Export, which undoubtedly had a positive effect on tasting and quality characteristics of the brand, the severity and intensity of aroma and fullness of flavor in the process of smoking.

The design and type of packaging TEMP Export cigarettes are similar to TEMP Gold cigarettes, occupying a higher price segment.

As the filter element is also used more effectively for retention of mono acetate filter ventilated with laser perforation. The level of ventilation or dilution main stream tobacco smoke during smoking is 40%.

Discount Temp Cigarettes are made on the new high performance line PROROS 1-8 / Comflex-SL/Laser 300S - FOCKE 350S, (Germany), packed 20 pieces per bundle, with rounded corners such as Round Corner, followed by laying in boxes of 10 packs each, and shipping carton containers on 10000 cigarettes - 500 packs.