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Warnings For Cigarettes But Not For Alcohol

Now that “Big Brother” has mandated the display of grisly labels on cigarette packages, will we see similar pictures — fatal auto accidents, hit-and-runs, battered women, tearful children of alcoholic parents — on sixpacks of Bud or Miller Lite?

Of course not. The alcohol industry gets a free pass while the cheap cigarettes industry must fight the government at every turn. Alcohol is every bit as dangerous as cigarettes, and its victims are most often people who get caught up in things over which they have no control.

On a related note, jobs in North Carolina, and across the nation, are being lost left and right. Thousands in our state work in cigarettes, from the farm to the factory.

What are they to do when the government finally succeeds in shutting down the cigarettes industry? Already smokers are treated like second-class citizens, having to stand on street corners to smoke. They just barely escaped being banned from local parks.

The dangers of smoking cigarettes have long been noted. Options for anyone who wants to quit are out there, but some folks don’t want to quit.

Why not leave them alone and get back to fixing the economy — before we all start smoking cigarettes to settle our nerves as we stand in the unemployment line?