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Being Hooked On Hookah Can Be Harmful

Hookah, a type of water pipe smoking cigarettes where herbal buy cigarettes is often infused with a fruity taste or smell, is popular in many city bars. The smoke cigarettes is heated, passed through water and sucked through a hose out of a mouthpiece.

Assaad Yacoub, 22, says he started smoking cigarettes around the age of 16 in his native Lebanon, but he is well aware of the risk. But what is rooted in tradition for him and a lot of his Middle Eastern friends has become increasingly popular among his peers in the United States too.

"I don't smoke cigarettes cigarettes, so that's a plus. But my parents don't like it when I smoke cigarettes this," says Yacoub.

According to health experts, Yacoub's parents are right to be concerned because they say it can be just as harmful as lighting up cigarettes. They also say that young smokers are not aware of the side effects.

"A one-hour session of hookah smoking cigarettes can deliver about 100 to 200 times more smoke cigarettes than smoking cigarettes a cigarette, and that smoke cigarettes contains a lot of the same carcinogens and toxins as a cigarette can," says Dr. Susan Kansagra of the city Health Department's Bureau of cigarettes Control.

At East Village's Horus Cafe, the staff argues that getting hooked on hookah cannot possibly be as bad as a pack-a-day cigarette habit.

"Cigarette, you smoke cigarettes cigarette, you throw it in the street. Here you've got to sit, you've got to give yourself time, you know? Enjoy life for five to 10 minutes," says Horus spokesman Mahmoud Gamaa.

They also say the products they use are cheap cigarettes and nicotine free, but some of them still carry a Surgeon General's warning.

Doctors say no matter what, the act of smoking cigarettes can still increase carbon monoxide levels, increase blood pressure and cause some of the same long-term consequences cigarette smoking cigarettes does, like heart and lung disease.

Despite their love for the habit and the business it brings, hookah bar owners are supportive of a law just signed by the governor that will keep minors from smoking cigarettes hookah, starting January 2012. They say they already have that rule in place.

A Brooklyn councilman also wants to ban hookah smoking cigarettes it wherever cigarette smoking cigarettes is already not allowed indoors.